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Based on HPSA Acumen’s experience orchestrating HPSA designations on behalf of clients across the country, the total project follows this general timeline:

Total project: 195 - 210 days, or 6.5 - 7 months until estimated day of approval




Preliminary study: 45 - 60 days (Preliminary, plus full analysis and interpretation)

  • Determination of Rational Service Area (RSA)
  • Survey of all physicians practicing within the RSA
  • Survey of contiguous areas


Analysis and interpretation of data:

  • Physicians' supply of primary care further analyzed
  • Comprehensive project review carried out by the CEO, the Senior Statistical Analyst and the Senior Medical Information Analyst
  • Application submitted to the relevant state government


Submission of application for HPSA designation to state : Averages 90 days

  • Client report delivered
  • State inquiries about data
  • Supplemental information provided, if necessary
  • Serve as client's liaison to government
  • Continual client updates provided to prepare and facilitate implementation of HPSA-related administrative issues


Federal approval: Averages 60 days*

  • State government's uploaded data reviewed
  • Federal data cross-checked against submitted data
  • Final approval
  • Notify and congratulate client

* There is a 30-day mandatory comment period for all applications.


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