HPSA 101
A Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designation is a cornerstone to securing primary care physicians for your medical service area. This government-established program boosts your underserved area with monetary stimulus to retain and attract new physicians, supporting your medical personnel and programs.

HPSA Acumen makes the designation process efficient and seamless for our clients. During a 60 day period, we can create a true picture of your medical service area, quantify the dynamics, and prove to the state and Federal governments your degree of shortage, if one exists.

HPSA Categories

Health professional shortages can exist in all three of these categories:

A Primary Health Care HPSA acknowledges the physician shortage in a service area.  The physician shortage is calculated from pediatrics, ob/gyn, general internal medicine, and family practice physicians only. 

A Dental Health Care HPSA acknowledges the shortage of dentists in a service area.  The dental shortage is calculated from general dentists only; however, age and auxiliary assistance are also factors. 

A Mental Health Care HPSA acknowledges the shortage of psychiatrists and core mental health professionals in a service area.  The psychiatric shortage is calculated from ratios of population to mental health providers.

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