CHNA Requirements
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The Law

  • As with any new law or in dealings with the government, there are requirements and guidelines to follow.
  • Each non-profit hospital facility will have to report a strategic plan to the IRS.
  • Any/ each facility that does not comply will not be treated as an organization described in section 501 (c)(3) – That means they will lose their tax shield.
  • There is also a fine of $50,000 excise tax for non-compliance.
  • The CHNA must be conducted every three years.

Data Collection and Analysis
  • Identify the boundaries of the community or medical network.
  • Conduct a demographic assessment of demand and health care concerns.
  • Survey a census of all providers, including mid-levels, to measure the volume of supply.
  • Compare supply versus demand and identify all the holes.
  • Create, approve, and implement an action plan identifying how the hospital will attempt, over the short term, to better meet the needs of the community.
Report of Findings
  • The notice for the report of findings must be “widely publicized” – AKA posted on website or printed at public request.
  • The notice for the report of findings must be posted for the public the same year it was filed with the government.

Community Input

  • Collaboration with community stakeholders must be used to cultivate the process.
  • A focus group must be conducted to identify community health concerns.

End Product
  • Implementation plan discusses how the hospital intends to meet the strategic needs: what needs it plans to address and how; what needs it plans not to address and why.
  • Implementation can be accomplished through collaborative efforts with other organizations.
  • Implementation strategy must be approved by hospital board the same tax year as the CHNA was approved and filed with Form 990.

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